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Fanttik E1 Precision Electric Screwdriver

The Fanttik NEX E1 Precision Electric Screwdriver is designed with precision and versatility in mind, suitable for a wide range of tasks such as electronics assembly, watch repair, and model making. It features a compact, ergonomic design, includes 12 magnetic bits for various applications, offers adjustable torque settings for precise control, and is equipped with shadowless LED lighting to illuminate work areas without casting shadows. This tool combines convenience and functionality, making it an ideal choice for both professional and hobbyist use.

Customer Experience

-Excellent case for storage and screwdriver body
-Great use of magnetic throughout to keep bits and unit in place
-Forward and reverse, lock button on twist top
-USB-C rechargeable on top of unit
-Great click-lock case enclosure
-Good variety of bits
-Great value


What is the real torque?

NEX E1 has 2 torque level of 0.05/0.2 N.m and max manual torque of 3 N.m.

What is Planetary Gear Train?

Planetary gears train is a robust gear structure. It is used in many machine for their reliability, top-notch performance and higher loading capacity.

Can the screwdriver be used while the charger is connected?

No, it can’t be used when the charging cable is connected.

How long can I use it on a full charge?

This Mini Electric Screwdriver has 350mAh built-in rechargeable battery, certified to operate 400 screws for a full charge.

How can I see how much Battery power is left?

When the battery level is below 20% in use, the indicator will rapidly blink red for 5 seconds. When charging, the indicator will slowly blink red.  When fully charging, the indicator will become solid white.